recently completed:
texas a&m innovative learning classroom building

This new flagship campus for TAMU College Station seeks to elevate teaching and learning, provide community enrichment, and build a culture of excellence for the growing campus. The layout, design, and technology of the state-of-the-art building are all meant to optimize the way students today learn.

At over 120,000 square feet, the building incorporates 2,200 classroom seats across 10 classrooms along with offices, a café and collaboration spaces throughout.

Lighting design throughout supports the state-of-the-art goals of the campus by creating areas of focus, meeting stringent energy goals, and seamlessly integrating with AV technologies.

Very minimal lighting was applied to the exterior of the building to draw greater attention to what is going on inside.

Lighting shapes and sizes vary to keep things slightly playful while also denoting different spaces.

For the core of the building where little natural daylight can normally be found, a series of skylights helps make sure all students are receiving the sun’s benefits while blending in with the lighting design.

Keeping the lighting bright and uniform at the desks without washing out the perimeter projectors was a challenge that was achieved through careful study of beam spreads, angles, and photometrics. Black downlight cylinders against the black ceiling helps minimize the appearance of lighting to keep the focus where it belongs.

With lower ceiling heights and white finishes throughout, we were able to use highly efficient linear light fixtures to reinforce the ceiling pattern.

A radial linear approach on the ceiling combined with simple downlights along the fur down draw attention to the circular nature of the space.

A pendant mounted linear design at a lower height than the ceiling can help visually decrease a volume to make it more inviting in a classroom that could otherwise feel cavernous. Fixtures that are both direct and indirect give both ample footcandles on the work surface and uplighitng on the ceiling for a bright and airy feel.

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