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Wondering what we've been up to at Gandy2 Lighting Design? You're in luck—read on for our latest news, ideas, and a little bit of lighting humor...
Recently Completed: The Woodlands First Baptist Church
The Woodlands First Baptist Church, The Woodlands, Texas
Gandy² Lighting Design was pleased to partner with Studio Red Architects on The Woodlands First Baptist Church. The extensive project included interior and exterior lighting for a new centralized great hall and lobby, landscape and pedestrian lighting as well as an addition and remodel for the existing sanctuary. For more on this and other G2LD projects, please click here. 
Did You Know? 
Circadian rhythm is our bodies reaction to light and dark on a 24 hour cycle. Insufficient lighting and improper lighting design impact this natural cycle negatively with long-term health and behavioral problems. With the use of LED lighting technology we can now mitigate the negative effects by mimicking the natural cycle to improve our overall sense of well being. 
In the News: G2LD Welcomes New Studio Member
Gandy² Lighting Design is proud to announce the newest addition to the studio, Allison van Heugten. She holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Houston and a Bachelor of Arts from Hobart and William Smith. Before transitioning into lighting design Allison worked at an architectural firm, managed a temporary art space and worked on the MFAH William J. Hill Texas Artisans Archive. Please help us welcome Allison!

Lighting Bloopers

It’s a hazard of the job—we can’t go anywhere without analyzing the lighting. We’ve seen it all—the good the bad, the ugly, and the so-bad-it’s-hilarious. So we’ve devised this column to share some of the funniest lighting mishaps.

It's no doubt contractors have a tough job, and long linear lines of fixtures can pose an extra challenge. We try to mitigate these difficulties in our designs and specifications, but we had to wonder when we saw this if the installer had really put in their best effort. 

If you come across a spectacular (or just embarrassing) lighting blooper, please send it to us at sarah@G2LD.com. We’re always looking for a good laugh...

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