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Recently Completed:
US 59 Montrose Bridges

US 59 Montrose Bridges, Houston, Texas
Photo: Jon Shapley

With an official unveiling the week before Houston's Super Bowl, the relighting of these six bridges received extensive press and caused much excitement across the Houston area. G2LD devised a dynamic lighting scheme for the matching bridges which span US 59 within the Montrose district. The new lighting uses color changing LEDs to illuminate the arches inside and out, as well as to light the signature trusses so that the dynamic new designs can be appreciated both by those crossing under  the freeways and over through the neighborhoods. State-of-the-art wireless controls allow coordination of colors across all bridges as well as with color-changing signage throughout the neighborhood. To read more about this and other G2LD projects, please click here.

Recently Completed:
Sunset Coffee Building

Sunset Coffee Building, Houston, Texas
Photo: G2LD

The revitalization of this historic former coffee roasting facility on the edge of downtown converted the building to a public event space, office, gallery/display, and retail space. Maintaining the historic, industrial character was of prime concern, while still creating an inviting setting and lighting for security concerns in a public, urban environment. Among the unique lighting design elements are a green roof event space, lit primarily by glowing orbs, a four story stair tower which is lit with blue light at night (mimicking the adjacent Buffalo Bayou lights), and a plaza-spanning pedestrian bridge which lights its path entirely through hidden handrail fixtures.  To read more about this and other G2LD projects, please click here. 

In The News:
G2LD Welcomes New Studio Member

G2LD is proud to announce the addition of new studio member Ana Lucia Teran.  She comes to us with a bachelor and masters in Architecture from Tulane University as well as professional experience in a wide range of design field specialties. Ana Lucia has  jumped into our busy studio schedule and is putting her talents to use on our extensive project schedule. Please help us welcome Ana Lucia!

Lighting Bloopers
It's a hazard of the job--we can't go anywhere without analyzing the lighting. We've seen it all--the good, the bad, and the so-bad-it's-hilarious. So we've devised this column to share some of the funniest lighting mishaps.

Architecture is often an exercise in coordination. And unfortunately, sometimes the team may not realize how one decision affects another until it's built...and the AV contractor comes to commission the projection system.
Oops. We bet they won't overlook this little coordination item again. Next time put the lighting pendants well to the side of the projector, or just go with recessed.

If you come across a spectacular (or just embarrassing) lighting blooper,  please send it to us at  sarah@G2LD.com
We're always looking for a good laugh...
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