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Wondering what we've been up to at Gandy2 Lighting Design? You're in luck—read on for our latest news, ideas, and a little bit of lighting humor...
Newly Completed: Chroma Booster, El Paso, Texas
Chroma Booster, El Paso, Texas
Working in conjunction with artist Matthew Geller and MetaLab, G2LD designed the lighting for this interactive art installation which stands on a busy pedestrian plaza in El Paso, Texas. Completed in 2015, the 55 foot tall industrial-inspired structure incorporates color-changing lighting both internally and externally to illuminate the clouds of mist that radiate from the sculpture. To read more about this engaging piece and other G2LD projects, please click here.
Did You Know? When evaluating lighting for safety purposes, contrast ratio is typically more important than specific light levels. Spikes in light level can cause debilitating glare, while disproportionately dark areas can cause dangerous shadows. The human eye can safely adjust to a wide variety of average light levels, but cannot quickly and safely adjust between high and low levels within the same area. 
On the Boards: Trinity Episcopal Church
Trinity Church: Before and After
G2LD is proud to have been invited to spearhead the lighting of the 1841 Sanctuary for Trinity Episcopal Church in Galveston. While the historic structure contained beautiful material and craftsmanship, both were largely invisible to users of the space due to the dark woods throughout and lack of sufficient lighting. Still in the design phase, the church requested a mock-up of the altar area to help initiate fund raising for the extensive lighting remodel. The before-and-after results from the use of only eight LED lamps were remarkable. To learn more about this historic lighting update, please click here.

Lighting Bloopers

It's a hazard of the job--we can't go anywhere without analyzing the lighting. We've seen it all--the good, the bad, and the so-bad-it's-hilarious. So we've devised this column to share some of the funniest lighting mishaps we've come across.
There are a lot of factors that go into selecting roadway and parking lot lighting--source, wattage, pole height, throw. There's forward throw, side throw, symmetric...but this was a new one for us:

We've never seen a manufacturer that offers a backward throw fixture. The sidewalks here should have plenty of light, but just a guess that the drive lanes may be lacking.

If you come across a spectacular (or just embarrassing) lighting blooper, please send it to us at We're always looking for a good laugh...


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