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In the News: G2LD and Lance Gandy Featured in ABC13 Segment on Montrose Bridges

Lance Gandy of G2LD recently featured in an interview for ABC13 highlighting the Montrose Bridges Lighting.

G2LD's own Lance Gandy was recently featured on Houston's ABC13 in a human interest story on the Montrose Bridges lighting design. Click above to watch the video.

Recently Completed:
Midtown Park Pavilion 

Midtown Park, Houston, Texas
Architect: Urban Architecture,
Landscape Architect: Design Workshop

G2LD recently saw the completion of the Midtown Park Pavilion and parking areas, designed with the team at Urban Architecture. The pavilion is the dynamic anchor for the 6+ acre urban park. Color changing LEDs within the roof structure make for an especially eye-catching destination point, whether being used for performances or a casual gathering spot. Linear white LEDs along trusses give usable light to visitors. For more information on this project, click here.

On the Boards:
Bagby Street Improvement Project

G2LD is proud to be a member of the design team for the ambitious redesign of Bagby Street in downtown Houston. Lead by Jones|Carter and SWA Group, the design team seeks to turn an uninviting, paved entry corridor and transform it into a pedestrian and bike friendly connector between many of downtown's most important parks, civic buildings, and performing arts venues. G2LD is responsible for the design of street, pedestrian, landscape, and special interest lighting along the 12 block stretch. For more information on this and other projects, click here.

Lighting Bloopers
It’s a hazard of the job - we can’t go anywhere without analyzing the lighting. We’ve seen it all - the good the bad, the ugly, and the so-bad-it’s-hilarious. So we’ve devised this column to share some of the funniest lighting mishaps.

Sometimes you want your light fixtures to stand out, and sometimes you want it to blend in.
We have to say, this light pole does a remarkable job blending with its surroundings! If only the head were better looking and install didn't take sooo long...

If you come across a spectacular (or just embarrassing) lighting blooper,  please send it to us at
We're always looking for a good laugh...
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